bonifacio corsica " France Island"
bonifacio corsica " France Island"

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bonifacio corsica " France Island"

Bonifacio Corsica ” France Island”

The Mediterranean Sea offers countless natural splendours and each one of its shores is unique, thanks to the view which can be appreciated both by land and by sea.
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Sailing through this places is the most effective way to admire the beauty of it: sailing by the coasts will allow you to see places where underwater life is rich and various. Beyond the Sardinian splendours, the Mediterranean offers many others breath taking views. The navigation through these wonderful waters is pleasant and harmonious. In fact, being a closed sea, the Mediterranean is protected from the currents and the tides coming from the ocean. Thanks to the pleasantness of the navigation and its splendours, the Mediterranean is one of the most requested destination for cruises. The “mare nostrum” runs along many different countries, offering the possibility to experience and get in touch with many cultures.

Which are the best destination for a sailing boat holiday in the Mediterranean?

Touring the western side you can appreciate the romantic coasts of France, the Spanish moors and the wild beaches of the Balearic and Canary Islands. Touring the eastern side you can’t miss the wild shores of Greek Islands or the ageless beauty and the splendours of the Ionic Greece.
Among all the wonders of the Mediterranean Sea, the northern side of Sardinia appears to be the most loved destination by all of those who want to spend their holidays on this amazing island. It is in this side that all the most famous locations of the Sardinian summer are situated: Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo and the Costa Smeralda in general. Just on the top end of this side you will find Bocche di Bonifacio, the strait that is named after the small French town of Bonifacio (in Corsica) which divides Sardinia from Corsica. In this same area are located the French Islands of Cavallo and Lavezzi and the Italian islands of the La Maddalena Archipelago. Throughout this 11KM strait the turquoise and clear waters reach a maximum depth of 100 meters. This tract of the Mediterranean Sea is very famous among the sailors because of its navigation instability caused by countless rocks rising up from the water. Nonetheless the strait is always very busy and attracts people coming from every part of the Mediterranean. Many believe that it is in this tract of the Mediterranean that it shows all of its beauty, characterized by a wild nature barely touched by man: thanks to its beauty, France and Italy cooperates to maintain its integrity. For this reason the two countries established the “International Marine Park of La Maddalena Archipelago and Bocche di Bonifacio”.
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